If you'd like your CD personally signed by Mykel Hawk please leave a custom note with your order detailing who to make it out to (if any) and whether you'd prefer the autograph to be written in the booklet or on the disc. Thx! (Please note that the cellophane shrinkwrap will be removed from all CD's requesting autographs)


Limited Edition - G.M.S. on compact disc

-----16 All New Tracks-----

1. New Era

2. Elephant

3. G.M.S.

4. 90's Again

5. Bad Hombre

6. 33 1/3


8. Grade Six

9. I Don't Like To Dance

10. Titties

11. The Flows I Know

12. The Road Less Traveled

13. Same Old Shit

14. Burn To Emerge

15. Simulators

16. All You're Worth





G.M.S. on Compact Disc - Autographed on request

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