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Club packed up me and my people on the weekend
They’re pouring out pools, but Mike is staying out the deep end
Yo we tend to draw lots of envious looks 
Cause we spend this money like the wealthiest crooks
So most the bad ones gravitate to our table 
My dude body shot a bitch he salivates on her navel
She said her names Rachel and we should add her on Twitter
She had two friends with her their titties covered in glitter
They’re sipping purple liquor out a snifter feeling themselves
They’re pulling techniques like they’re stealing the twelves
I’m calling over the waitress and as I open my wallet 
They get a peek of my Franklins I tried to hide but they saw it
And now these strippers are biting their lip cause
The waitress getting tipped dubs up in the strip club
But shit cuz I’m ‘bout to roll out and get me a double dance
I might not return until I burn through a couple bands
One said her names Trouble and her booty is too thick
She said her younger brothers always bumping my new shit
And her friend that’s here with her goes buy the stage name of Winter 
Her inner lesbian comes out when the liquor gets in her
Without warning Trouble drop her booty right on my nut sack
Winter turned around I stuck a dub in her butt crack
Now everybody’s laughing we’re having a blast 
Yeah, my people at the stage making weather with cash
And my crew too fresh them boys too clean
Spending so much money that they’re causing a scene
Then right at twelve fifteen the music suddenly stopped
Lights dropped the fog machine began to fill up the spot
The DJ started to talk, Hey welcome out to the show club
We got the hottest entertainment any of ya’ll know of
Now show love cause this club about to get litty
We’re bringing to the stage the baddest bitch in the city

She came out freaking to an old song by Diddy
Her booty eating up her thong like spaghetti
She stripping slow so we throwing them fifties 
Like c’mon baby show us them titties

Hold tight she came out rocking the snow-white 
two-piece bikini gleaming streamed with a gold stripe
The Bel Biv Devoe type smile and a whoa like
Poison got your boys here froze like a cold pipe
She flash in the strobe light smoking and rolled tight
I’m moving to the stage now I need her to know Mike
Summoning signals her body sending out messages
Then shorty turned around and took out both of her breasteses
Now I’ve suggested this once and I’m convinced
There’s something about a titty make it trick to resist
I don’t know what it is I thought my homegirl would know
But she’s obsessed with titties and she got titties of her own
Must be pheromones or some chemical reaction
A neurotransmitter dopamine type interaction
Impacting the mind and it floods with serotonin 
A condition you’ll find wherever titties are showing
Yo, these guys at the stage look like deer stuck in flood lights
They’re gripping their dollars, they’re sipping their Bud Lights
They tipping her squalor like paupers with beans 
And my money endless from downloads and streams
I threw a stack up it fell up it fell around her parameter
It got her attention so then I called for the manager
I said after this song sir I’d like you to gather her
Bring her to me so I can closely examine her
She pulled me under the bannister
Back in the lap dancing room with no cameras
And told me I’m handsome 
And that someone told her I rap like a savage 
And then shorty bit me
She said she’s done a few calendars 
One coming soon she Miss June
Nothing glamorous then she reached up 
And unclipped both the fasteners and 
Showed me her massive and beautiful titties

She sat me down before she finished her drink up
She popped her top and proudly brandished her D cups
They brushed my face I bet they taste like cherry cola
God must’ve blessed her when He placed her areolas
Now here’s the data the conceal about the nipple
It doesn’t matter if they’re real or artificial
They’ll make you smile even when your day is shitty
So c’mon baby show me your titties

Show me your titties
Show me your titties

Show me your titties

Show me your titties

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