Mykel Hawk - New Era

Hip-hop as purists love it. Mykel Hawk is still looking ahead in his new boom-bap firework, "New Era".

Surviving The Golden Age

Mexican American rapper, Mykel Hawk just released his new single, “New Era.” Over a classic boom bap beat, Hawk flexes his flow with his signature raspy voice. Described as “a coming of age story for the hopeless optimist,” his lyrics are somewhere between Aesop Rock and Common.


Mykel Hawk doesn’t take lightly to upcoming emcees who try to play around with the culture he loves so much on his new hard-hitting jam titled “Elephant”. The gruff-voiced emcee employs a dark ominous beat to drive home his warning as he proceeds to land haymakers on unsuspecting fake emcees in the game. In his own words, the song is a “wake-up call to the next generation of would-be rappers. There are rules to this shit!” 

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

“The beat hits first and sets up the ridiculous flow that follows. Lyrically this one stomps across the yard like a thousand pound ’Elephant.’ Attitude and righteous confidence are the trumpets that mark this sound. ”

— Travis Erwin (LA on Lock Blogger)

Mykel Hawk stomps over the beat like an elephant, dropping the most driving hook on the list. Boombap rap in its purest form - what more do hip-hop purists wish for?

Mykel Hawk takes a profound look at the current world situation on his new release “If This Is Armageddon.” Over a vibrant, jazz-infused backdrop, Hawk details how the global pandemic has shaped the world in many ways. He looks at it from different aspects from politics, religion to race. It seems we are not so different after all he muses with an emotional drawl while pointing out some horrific facts about the deadly virus. 

“Fresh off his hard hitting EP, Mykel Hawk is back with a fresh track inspired by the current events we are all facing.

Sharp, intelligent lyrics are the heart of this track, but Hawk’s hard-edged, gravel-filled tone is the soul and the pairing gives this track a punch that is both sobering and enlightening. This is Hip-Hop with something to say in a time when it needs to be said. ”

— Travis Erwin (LA on Lock Blogger)

We were introduced to his prodigious talents late last year with his stylish, slick and swaggering single ’33 1/3′ and with new single ‘The Flows I Know’, Hawk has lost none of the pep from his step. Nor has it lost any of the predecessors allure as it swaggers along a funk-filled stomping, shape throwing groove as a fizzing synthline bubbles away beneath meandering, super smooth and melodic vocal delivery all engulfed in cascading frazzled electronics. It is such an addictive tune, bristling with energy and attitude, it will have you headed straight for repeated listens.

Listen to ‘The Flows I Know’ below – it and ’33 1/3′ feature on Mykel Hawk’s new record which you can listen to here 

Mykel Hawk is a DIY artist in the truest sense of the word; he produces every beat, writes every lyric, records and engineers every song, designs his cover art and creates his own video and multimedia. From this ethos Mykel Hawk crafts slick, smooth and seductive hip hop jams as evidenced by the single ’33 1/3′. It is a classy jam with plenty of swagger and breezy, feel-good vibes as smooth vocals deliver effortlessly flowing wordplay over a seductive beat that’s got more bounce than Zebedee. Written about escaping everyday pressures by going back to your happy place; for Mykel Hawk it harks back to his younger days, discovering music and spinning records – definitely a relatable feeling, for myself and many of you. ’33 1/3′ is a real gem; an infectious and melodic head nodding groover with heartfelt and nostalgic vibes for simpler times.